Thursday, January 24, 2013


She’s driven 12, 076 Miles to Do The Indie Arts &Vintage Marketplace??? Really!
Amazing.  That’s the number of miles Annie Kruse de Jongh, of Grace and Corazon, has driven be part of the Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace and The Vintage Marketplace in Nashville and Springfield. Over the past year and a half she’s driven from her home in Wisconsin to all but one of our shows.  That’s more than the distance from Indianapolis to Timbuktu…and back again.  Heck, That’s half way around the world!  So you have to ask yourself, “Is Carmel, Indiana really too far to drive for a chance to score a pair of her ‘Flippin’Boots’?”  I don’t think so and, neither will you when you check out her booth at our show this weekend.
Annie’s becoming pretty famous for her line of “Flippin’ Boots” which, she debuted at last summer’s Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace. She knew she was onto something when she sold the last pair she’d brought, right off her feet. Not to worry, she’s created plenty more and she’s bringing them to the IAVM this weekend.  Check out her Facebook page to see how she transforms vintage western boots into fashion forward footwear. Or better yet, visit her in person and take home pair of your own. You won’t be able to resist. Be sure to watch your local newsstand for the latest edition of Altered Couture which features an article about Annie and her boots entitled, “Saving Old Soles, One Boot at a Time”.  (Great title, wish I’d thought of it). 
Annie’s artistry isn’t limited to her Flippin’ Boots.  She also creates a popular line boot cuffs and now she’s making cowhide boot covers, which she says will work with any pair of boots you wear to the show this weekend.
Foremost, however, she’s known for her beautiful line of jewelry featuring sacred motifs.  It’s inspired.  She handcrafts each piece incorporating leathers, metals, semi precious stones and repurposed charms and medallions.  Each piece is a unique work of art.
All of us with the Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace would like to thank Annie for her continued support and all of those many mile she’s driven.  

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