Join a select group of invited purveyors of vintage, antique, junque, artisans, craftspersons, stylemakers and stylebreakers for a monthly celebration of all things unique, indie & stylish.
The November 1&2, November 30, February 1 and April 5 Marketplaces will be held at The Fountains in Carmel, IN and will be the place to add style and individuality to your life. Whether trying to outfit your first apartment, or accessorize your dream home- the Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace will become your go-to source for inspiration and acquisition.
Our vendors will focus on one of a kind objects, whether vintage, antique, artisan, crafted or re & upcycled, their selections will be inspired to “embrace uniqueness in our contemporary lives”.  The goal of the Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace is to enhance the experience of living as a more responsible consumer by promoting the positive aspects and downright fun of vintage, antique, locally sourced, re & upcycled goods.


  1. Is there a schedule somewhere?

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  4. I would like to call and speak with someone on the events coming up. Is there a phone number??

    1. Hello did u find anyone to speak with