Sunday, November 11, 2012

Vintage for the Holidays

Let's face the truth- nothing causes more anxiety for many than selecting holiday gifts for friends & family.  The old standbys are always there- clothes, jewelry, toys and games for kids.  The instant smiles we receive when gifts are opened often fade over time as the sweater no longer fits, or the child outgrows the game.  This year, be bold and consider vintage gifts for the holidays.  Nothing says you care than selecting something that has already survived the test of time.  Vintage, Antique, Up & Re-cycled, Artisanal and locally produced gifts also are almost produced by small businesses- often a business of one.  Not only are you giving a gift that is unique and stylish, you are also helping a small business owner and nurturing entrepreneurship.  The Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace presents 'Vintage Saturday' November 24th at the Fountains Conference Center in Carmel.  Come join us and ad the unique joy that vintage can bring to the holidays and help start a new tradition.

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