Monday, October 1, 2012

Growing vendor list for October 13th.

9 Lives Vintage
Affair Shake
All My Musings
Almost Gemini
American Farmscape
Anne Hobbs
Anne Holman
Armadillo Studios
Bill Kranz
Bizzy Buckets
Boris Loved Natasha
Carter's Garage
Charles Bachmann
Circle City Coffee
Craig Somers
Dianne Passi
Fallout Shelter
Friends Findings
Greg Curry
Imakdee Recycled Creations
In a Pita
Industrial Evolution
Jeff Crabb
Jewels In Bloom
Joanne Hirata
Jonathon Stigler
Junk Situation
Junkey Monkeys
Kate's Kreations
La Petite Sufi
Le Petit Sufi
LICK Ice Cream
Marshall Davis Antiques
Michael Holdeman
Millie & Myrtle
Millie & Myrtle
Nacho Mama
NY Slice
Odds & Ends Birdhouses
Ohio River Furnishings & D├ęcor
Reloved by Shambora Studios
Retro Metro
Sanford & Sisters Salvage
Seoul Grill
Sherry Pisockyj
SkyBlue Mod
Slider Station
Specifically Random
STC Finds
Stevie Sputnik Vintage Cool
Sun King
The Eclectic Soul
The Flying Cupcake
The Inventorialist
The Rose Room
The Vintage Farmhouse
Valerie & Al Holmes
Walter Myers Modern
Weathered Willow
Willow Shines
Yessiree Petunia Vintage
Zach Haney

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