Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace welcomes Gypsy Temple

 One of the more fun things we get to do as show promoters is occasionally travel to someplace fun to recruit vendors.  Last weekend, we took a trip to the Randolph Street Market in Chicago and met Gypsy Temple.  We were immediately drawn to the amazing goods that they hand pick during shopping trips around the world looking for unique handmade and vintage goods.  I'll let them describe their business for you:

 We've been in the bead business for years, and are so tired of competing in an overly-saturated market.  When my husband, who is from India, took me on my first buying trip 2 years ago, I found all of these fabulous items that I needed to bring home and share with the US market (sari borders, harem pants, beaded slippers, to name a few).  Slowly we started growing our offerings, to include antique and vintage African textiles, more handicrafts from India and Nepal, Thai clothing, shoes, and accessories, and more.  
We now offer dog leashes handmade from vintage recycled saris, that give Nepalese women fair wages and independence.
Embroidered garden and sun umbrellas from Rajasthan india, Kantha quilts and bags made from vintage Indian fabrics.
Decorations from camels (pom-poms, camel blankets, their neck and ankle bells).
We have recently changed our market from bead shows to antique and vintage shows, and the response has been overwhelming!  Our customers are amazing and fascinated by the colorful finds in our booth, and we are having so much fund sharing all of our global treasures.
It's a world of handmade fabulousness, all under one BIG tent!

Their display is amazing- quality, colorful and exciting.  I could barely keep Kelly's attention on talking to them as vendors and not shopping.  Carter & Aveesh (sorry about spelling) have a tremendous enthusiasm for what they do, be sure to stop at their booth and take a lookk.


  1. love all of yoiur beautiful items, just wish i could get there in person lol xxx

  2. Wish you all a fab weekend!

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