Tuesday, June 26, 2012

'unplugged' in Indy at IAVM

Here's how much fun the Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace is.. ..WORDEN UNPLUGGED (aka, Worden Select Objects) will be joining us this Sat. from 9-4.  The merchandise of Worden Select Objects has been enjoyed by patrons in New York, Chicago, Texas, Atlanta, Nashville, etc. and now you'll have a chance to enjoy and purchase for your home, cottage, or garden right here in Indy from 'WORDEN UNPLUGGED'.

Lynn & Michael will be bringing all things unusual, stylish, and inviting......from huge pattern molds to sophisticated paintings, from industrial glove mold to glass containers, from  apothecary cabinet to hand carved religious icon niche, and much more.  Their sensibility to organic and uncomplicated style, design, color, and texture leads to an eclectic mix of Industrial, Modern, Traditional, Useful, Collectible, and Decorative objects.

  Lynn says, "Because many of the designers of  simple objects of utility possessed an innate sense of artistic form, their works portrayed a raw beauty that  automatically became unintentional art".
Come see for yourself and purchase for your lifestyle this Saturday from  9 to 4.

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