Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Five Questions with Baz of

The first in a series of blog interviews from participating vendors. Barrett Crites, commonly referred to as "Baz" writes a blog on Mid Century Modernism called and will share his insights on the Mid Century Modern component of the Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace.

1. Where and how was your fascination with Mid Century & Modern Design born? My mother's anecdote includes me, as a small child, playing with Lego; always building my toy houses with flat roofs and large overhangs. I loved Mid Century Modern design long before I knew it had a name. When I first moved to Indy 12 years ago I lived in Avriel Shull's Ladywood Estates. It was there, through a youthful haze of partying, that I began to understand the definition of the style.

2. In a few words how does entry level Mid Century & Modern furniture provide a great alternative to mass produced contemporary? It's more aesthetically pleasing; this stuff was designed by architects, not factory workers in China. It's "green" in the sense that you're re-using something already created, bypassing the environmental strain of building new. And most logically, It's better built. It's 50+ years old and still looks great. That Target/Ikea chair won't last two years. Which begs the question: When an Ikea chair breaks, and no one's there to hear it, does it still need an Allen Wrench?

3. What advice would you have for a first time shopper and what resources are out there to make buying easy, accessible and fun? Advice: Gravitate to what you like. Don't focus on who designed it or what eBay says it's worth. Some of my favorite stuff is totally worthless. And I like it that way. Resources: Do a Google image search for terms like "Mid Century Modern Furniture", then click on a picture you like. Find out who designed it and begin obsessing over it until one day, years from now, you find it at a garage sale for $2. Or just come to the IAVM and leave with a car-load of happy. Also check out, there's a long list of links to related websites.

4. What got you started blogging and what keeps you going-? I do it for the fame and fortune. False. While shopping for my MCM abode I was reading blogs about renovating Mid Century Modern homes. It gave me the inspiration and courage to tackle a DIY project. So when it came time for my renovation, I wanted to give back to that community and help others find and care for Mid Century Modern homes.

5. What do you hope that the Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace (IAVM) brings to the local scene? I hope IAVM brings a sense of energy and community to Indy. I hope it introduces people to awesome vintage design. And most importantly, I hope people discover the treasure their space just can't live without. So basically IAVM is a vintage-treasure-matchmaking service. Come get matched.

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