Thursday, May 31, 2012

Amazing local discovery debuts this weekend!

Sometimes the coolest things are hidden right in front of us.  These photos re-inforce that this happens nearly every day.  Local dealer Sandra Jarvis of Indy Swag recently made an amazing discovery of vintage & modern office furniture from the recently closed and liquidated GM stamping plant in Indianapolis.   Attending the auction on a whim, she discovered an unbelievable stash of amazing items.  She literally saved most of it from a date with a scrapper. 
For many of it's 80 years of operation, the GM stamping plant employed over 5000 workers, and even included a medical clinic.  The medical clinic furnishings were saved and are some amazing pieces.  The office furniture speaks to the Mad Men era and is fitting for a company that  was the most powerful in the world for decades.  We were literally blown away when we saw this stuff for the first time- it's like stepping back into a different era.

The most amazing thing about the story is the first time that anyone will have the opportunity to own any of these amazing pieces is this Saturday at the Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace.  We are proud to host Indy Swag at their first show.  They are bringing a huge truck full of amazing stuff.  Whether you're into industrial, modern, funky, furnishing your Don Draper room or just would like to own really unique things with great local provenance, come to the show this weekend.


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  2. Wonderful vintage goodies! Hugs and wishes for a beautiful week ahead.